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“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time as come.”

– Victor Hugo, writer

Our world is full of wonderful creations, born in the minds of thousands, but only brought to life by a few. Development and innovation are part of our existence. Technological progress has made huge leaps in the last few decades.

With more than 80 years of experience in protecting intellectual property rights, we have helped make this evolution possible. We stand up for the defense of today’s technological innovation and inventions that increase efficiency. We also experience a growing importance of an individual identity in the form of brands and their protection.

We help you choose the best protection strategy and avoid potential risks. We support your ideas and think along.

You can count on professional guidance during the registration process from A to Z.

Our services



Our patent attorneys will guide you from the application to the final granting of the patent. During this procedure, we are the link between the innovator and the official bodies.



With a strong brand you can distinguish yourself from the competition. We are happy to assist you in developing a commercial strategy and a sound brand policy. Our experienced trademark attorneys will guide you in the protection, registration and defense of your trademarks at home and abroad.



You can protect the appearance or design of your design, article, product or concept through design registration. Our design attorneys are the link between the designer and the official bodies. You can also contact us to take action against any violations.

The financial aspect

In addition to going through the application procedure, it is also interesting to know what the total cost will look like. Companies that invest in intellectual property can be eligible for a number of support measures provided by the government. Using this can potentially reduce costs, allowing you more freedom in your choices during an application process. The rates shown here are only an indication. Do you want a more specific cost estimate? Then it is best to contact us.

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Innovation in the spotlights

Inventive creations deserve an audience. We want to offer the world the opportunity to discover the innovations of our customers. We will therefore launch a new section soon; Innovations in the spotlight. Through this platform we like to put the creations of our customers in the spotlight in words and images.


Wat our clients say

Reynaers Aluminium NV

"Wij waarderen de snelle, persoonlijke en professionele behandeling van onze dossiers. Indien nodig en dringend, wordt ook de juiste prioriteit aan een dossier of indiening gegeven. Door jarenlange samenwerking, begrijpen zij snel waarover de dossiers gaan."

Danny Geysels

Research manager

D'Hollandia NV

“Bureau M.F.J. Bockstael is voor ons op lange termijn de juiste partner. Wij krijgen steeds snel en professioneel advies en het indienen van octrooiaanvragen wordt vlot afgehandeld. Zij herinneren ons systematisch aan periodieke verplichtingen of strategische beslissingen. Dat neemt alvast extra last inzake opvolging van onze schouders.”

Pol Derie

Commercial Director

Casa International NV

"De contactpersonen zijn zeer vakkundig, hebben een praktische aanpak en zijn bovendien aangenaam in de omgang. Wij voelen ons door Bockstael daadwerkelijk beschermd!"

Arie Vonk

Marketing Manager

Let our experts guide and advise you.

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