Bureau M.F.J. Bockstael was founded in 1937 door Marius Florimond Jean Bockstael, engineer at the university of Liege.

The office was established in Antwerp.. Later a second office was set up in Brussels in view of a closer follow-up of patent information at the Belgian Patent Office in Brussels. Bureau M.F.J. Bockstael was in that period focused on patent in Belgium, former Congo, , Ruanda and Burundi (The members of the office.).

In 1971 the system of Belgian trade mark was abolished and replaced by Benelux trademarks. Our trademark division was then shaped.

Designs became an important  pillar of our service package with the introduction of the Benelux-design act in 1975.

In 1978 the office in Brussels was closed because the vicinity of the Belgian Patent Office lost its added value for our service package of patents, trademarks and designs.

In 1978 Daniël Bockstael took over the lead from his father. When he unexpectedly died in 1984, he was succeeded by Mr. Eddy Donné. The service was further expanded under his lead.

Until 2006 Eddy Donné was CEO. Management was passed on to Dirk Caluwaerts, who at present is CEO.


Mission statement


With more than 80 years of experience in IP, we are a firm and reliable partner for the protection and follow-up of your patents, designs, trademarks and copyright.

Our team of motivated colleagues warrants:

  • A proper and swift treatment of your questions
  • A quality service at competitive prices
  • A personal follow up of your IP portfolio
  • Legally substantiated but also practically oriented advise.

Our mission consists in building longstanding trust relations with small, intermediate and large companies and to successfully build and defend their IP portfolio, not to forget the individual inventor willing to seek IP recognition.


The logo

On the occasion of the 25-th anniversary a statue was designed by the Antwerp sculptor Willy Kreitz to represent a patent. A globe and a flame were chosen as expressive signs to symbolize  the “idea” as fundamental of the “invention”.

The artwork was used in 1996 as logo and in 2008 replaced by a modern stylished version in color.