What is a trademark?

Names for products or services, brands, logos, slogans, colours, sounds and the like can be protected as a trademark by a so-called trademark application, by which an exclusive right to specific products or services is obtained.

A trademark distinguishes the products and/or services of a firm from those of other firms.

Generally in Belgium, a trademark will be filed, at first as a Benelux trademark or as a European trademark, after which it can also be protected in other countries, either via national or international way.


What does the trademark attorneys do?

A trademark attorney has had the advantage of a juridical education and forms the link between the trademark holder and the official trademark administrations, either national, regional (e.g. European) or international.

Apart from preparing and filing trademark applications, the trademark attorney conducts searches among the trademarks that have already been registered and gives advice during the registration procedure of the trademark, in case of infringement and court actions, when drawing up licences, etc.


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