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When you think of technical inventions, you often think of practical and inventive solutions to a problem. Design or styling can also be new. Your design has required a lot of energy and investment in development and creativity. Design protection allows you to safeguard the appearance or the visual presentation of your design, product, or concept.

Our design attorneys act in all stages of design protection, being the link between the designer and the official authorities. And how best to protect them in Europe or internationally. We will help you develop a good strategy for design protection. This will give you an optimal return on your investment in design.

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Requirements design registration

You can protect the design or 3D – appearance of a product or its decoration by design registration. The conditions for this are that the design is new and has its own character compared to existing designs. A design registration protects your design in a certain region and for a certain period of time.

Design is aesthtic only

The appearance or design are lines, outline, colors, shape, texture, or materials of a product itself or its decoration. Thus, you can also protect 2D – drawings as models.

If a design has a technical effect as well as an aesthetic one or is an invention, it must be protected as a design and possibly also as a patent. A product with only a technical function cannot obtain a design registration.

Benefits design registration

A design registration offers many advantages such as:

Registration can generate money by, for example, licensing

5-year protection extendable to a maximum of 25 years

European registration provides protection in 27 member states

Registration is a sales argument for your distributors or customers

Our expertise in protection

Our design attorneys form the link between the creative designer and the official offices where a design can be registered. They ensure that your design is given optimum protection

The attorneys monitor the process of the design registration. They communicate the procedure. And they warn you in time to pay the renewal fee. The experts can also assist you in the event of a dispute and/or counterfeiting of your design or model.

Design protection procedure

To protect your design effectively it is best to register a design. Let our experienced design attorneys guide you to increase your chances of success. After all, many factors have to be taken into account in the registration process.

Would you like to learn more about the design registration procedure?

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