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Trademarks represent one of the biggest assets of a company. A trademark is a sign that assures quality, defines companies and products, and communicates with customers. The sign can be a word, logo, image, abbreviation, slogan or number, or a combination of these. Less common marks are packaging, product shapes, colors, and sounds. A strong brand gives you a significant market advantage.

Before you start using a trademark, it is wise to check in advance whether it is available. This will increase your chances of a valid filing of your trademark and will allow you to reduce or eliminate potential risks.

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Trademarks for good brands

The importance of a trademark is often unjustly underestimated, especially by independents or SMEs. After all, a trademark is a valuable part of a company; not only can it improve the position in relation to the competition, but a trademark also inspires confidence in the customer. Only the registration of a trademark offers sufficient protection and ensures that your company has exclusive rights and security of use, making it easier to tackle infringements.


A trademark must be sufficiently distinctive in relation to other products and services. It must be able to make it immediately clear which entrepreneur they come from. A number of types of signs are never allowed as trademarks. Signs that are contrary to public order, signs that are likely to mislead the public, or signs that are similar to protected products cannot be registered as a trademark. Moreover, the trademark must not give rise to confusion with a well-known trademark, also referred to as a ‘notorious’ trademark, such as Coca-Cola®.

A trademark means exclusive rights

A trademark gives the exclusive right and allows you to secure investments in name and logo development, marketing and corporate identity against use in the sector of an identical or similar sign. A trademark can be registered in the Benelux, European Union, at national or international level. The choice of registration depends on the region in which your company is or will become active. In most cases, a trademark registration is valid for 10 years and can be always extended for the same period.

Job of trademark attorneys

Because every entrepreneur has different needs, just think of the different products and/or services he offers and the region in which he is active, we like to take the time to look at how we could protect your brand. Our experienced trademark attorneys guide you step by step with the trademark registration national and abroad. They can provide valuable advice on researching, protecting, registering and defending your trademark.

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Filing and prosecution of trademark registration

Trademark registration is a complex and colorful process where many factors must be taken into account. Let our team guide you and obtain efficient protection for your trademark or logo.

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